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Laughlin Stadium 9 Cinemas

Laughlin Stadium 9 Cinemas
(702) 299-4293
1955 S. Casino Dr. - Rear of Mall
Laughlin, Nevada 89029

Laughlin Stadium 9 Cinemas are located in the rear of the Laughlin Outlet Center (mall):

Laughlin Outlet Center
1955 S. Casino Dr.
Laughlin, Nevada 89029



 Short Film Blocks SChedule - ALL DAYS

Short Film Blocks SChedule - ALL DAYS








The Song of Sway Lake

US Narrative Feature Film-  (100 mins)  -  Thursday Oct. 12, 7:30pm-  Theater #2

Directed by: Ari Gold. 

*Q&A with Director Ari Gold and Music Composer Ethan Gold following the Film Screening.


A young record collector, haunted by his father's suicide, brings a bombastic Russian drifter to his family’s lake house, to help him steal a one-of-a-kind record from his own grandmother. But the vision of two women - one young, one old - distracts the young men from their mission. “The Song of Sway Lake” is the story of the melody that haunts those who idealize a lost America. 



The Five Year

US Narrative Feature Film-  (95 mins)  -  Friday Oct. 13, 2:30pm-  Theater #2

Directed by: James Christopher 


Seven friends gather for an impromptu five year reunion that brings all the buried issues they have with their lives and with each other into the forefront.


I Am Still Here

US Narrative Feature Film-  (103 mins)  -  Friday Oct. 13, 4:45pm-  Theater #2

                                                                 Saturday Oct. 14, 9:00pm - Theater #2                                                                                                                         Directed by: Misha Marcus


I AM STILL HERE is the story of 10-year old Layla, who was stolen from her family and thrown into America’s child sex industry. Stories of courage drawn from interviews with trafficking survivors are the foundation for the fictionalized account of Layla’s journey as she confronts the monsters of her past and embraces the hope of her future.



U.S. Narrative Feature Film - (87 mins)  -   Friday Oct. 13, 5:00pm - Theater #1

Directed by: Chris Parrish


For generations, there have been all kinds of wild rumors surrounding gangster Al Capone's hidden fortune and the mysterious amusement park he built. When three kids sneak into the rundown park on the hunt for Capone's loot, the attractions come to life and take the kids on a wild and dangerous ride beyond all imagination. Now to survive the night, they must team up with a friendly sea witch, find a secret underground ride and take on an evil mermaid, bloodthirsty pirates, a fire-breathing dragon and an armada of monsters. And all on a school night!


To Dream

International Narrative Film-  (67 mins)   -  Friday Oct. 13, 7:00pm-  Theater #1

                                                                   Saturday 9:15 PM - Theater#3

Directed by:  Nicole Albarelli


Two self-destructive teenagers won't let anything come between their friendship and their ultimate plan, but when dysfunctional family life becomes intolerable, loyalty leads one to make a choice that will change their lives forever.


Butterfly Caught

U.S. Narrative Feature Film -  (90 mins)  -   Friday Oct. 13, 7:15pm-  Theater #2

Directed by: Manny Rodriguez, Jr.


Three aspiring actresses set out to break into the cut-throat world of acting in Los Angeles. Naomi is on the verge of stardom, Joe struggles to keep her head above water and Elsa is a fresh face on the scene. As each young woman is forced to face her deepest fears and insecurities, they all discover the lengths to which they will go to fight against failure. The promise of Hollywood is tempting, but what will they do when that promise is broken? How will they cope when pushed to their breaking points? .


The Cursed Man

US Narrative Feature Film-  (91 mins)  -  Friday Oct. 13, 10:00pm-  Theater #3

Directed by: James L. Perry


Alister believes death is in love with him. A simple smile from friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill. With his family deceased and a path of destruction behind him, Alister sits inside a mental institution, sworn to silence and separated from the rest of the world, haunted by his inability to escape death's preferential treatment. But when a beautiful psychologist arrives at the institution and starts offering him care, Alister braces himself for more killings. When none follow, he tries to figure out whether he truly is insane or if death has finally come to him in the form of a woman. 



BloodSucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death

U.S. Narrative Feature Film - (102 mins) - Saturday Oct. 14, 12:45pm - Theater #3

Directed by: Justin Armao


The baddest mofo with the killer afro and his gorgeous sidekick help a couple if idiots fight an army of zombies.


66 and Nowhere

U.S. Narrative Feature Film -  (90 mins)  -  Saturday Oct. 14, 3:00pm-  Theater #2

Directed by: Eric McClanahan


On the run from the Chicago Mob, a down on his luck trumpet player hitchhiking to Hollywood falls into murder, money and mayhem with a mysterious femme fatale.



US Narrative Feature Film- (90 mins)  -  Saturday Oct. 14, 5:15pm -  Theater #2

Directed by: Penelope Spheres (Special Q&A with Penelope Spheeris Following the Film Screening) 


Urban angst meets the Wild West when three NYC punks (Jon Cryer of Pretty in Pink, Daniel Roebuck of River’s Edge, and Flea of Suburbia and the Red Hot Chili Peppers) on a road trip to California cross paths with a vicious gang and their psycho leader (Lee Ving, Streets of Fire and Fear). Aided by a pistol-packin’ knockout (Catherine Mary Stewart, Night of the Comet), a daredevil Elvis Presley impersonator (Pete Willcox), and mystical spirits of the past, they relentlessly pursue the gang to an epic, hallucinogenic, final showdown. 


Death on a Rock

U.S. Narrative Feature Film - (82 mins)  -  Saturday Oct. 14, 7:00pm -  Theater #3

Directed by: Scott Ballard


Death on a Rock follows a young woman coming to terms with a trying event in her life. Lillian’s (Rachael Perrell Fosket) bright outlook – she loves her job in a flower shop and has a sweet budding relationship with her boyfriend – is rocked by illness. Days spent in long term care at the hospital bring reflection, desperation, and some family tension. This vibrantly shot tale follows Lillian’s year of happiness, pain, and growth, told through flashbacks and drifting between memories and shifting consciousness. Seen through a framework of loss, Death On A Rock is a bittersweet tale balanced between tragedy and levity.


SOS: The Salton Sea Walk

U.S. Documentary Feature Film -  (61 mins)  -  Sunday Oct. 15, 11:30pm -  Theater #2

Directed by: Corbin Schweitzer


As California’s largest lake approaches an environmental point of no return, one man will attempt to become the first person to walk around its hazardous shoreline in order to prevent an ecologic disaster that could impact the entire western hemisphere.


Straight from the Pen

US Documentary Film - (51 mins)  -  Sunday Oct. 15, 12:30pm -  Theater #1

Directed by: Paul Sutton 


Twenty-four prisoners--mostly lifers--sat across from a dozen college students on a maximum security prison yard in southern California as part of an innovative and inspiring creative writing class. For 14 weeks, prisoners learned to express themselves openly and honestly, many for the first time in their lives, to a group of strangers, in a setting where survival often demands alienation, disaffection, even violence. And the students--at first apprehensive, even hateful--discovered that the men across from them were far from the callous and unfeeling monsters they had expected to meet. Though their often intimate collaboration, both groups found hope and humanity in a place where they had expected neither. 



US Documentary Feature Film- (75 mins)  -  Sunday Oct. 15, 3:00pm -  Theater #3

Directed by: Thomas Marchese


A police officer is killed in the line of duty every 53 hours in the United States. These losses have a profound impact on those close to them, as well as the communities they serve. This films explores the humanity behind the badge, and the social and personal impact of these losses. 


Saints of Sin

International Documentary Feature  - (90 mins)  -   Sunday Oct. 15, 3:30pm -  Theater #2

Directed by: Aniruddha (Oni) Sen


The Saints of Sin is a lyrical journey of emotion and experiences of Seven and a Half Bengali women spread all over the globe between Nairobi to New York to New Delhi and Bombay. Built on intimate conversations recorded over three years, the film explores the lives of Debbie, Runa, Srila, Gopi, Shreya, Swati, Paro and Pradipta, where each of them acknowledges her propensity towards one of the Sins and speaks of her negotiations with it.The conversations and songs make The Saints of Sin a beautifully engaging journey into the lives of Eight self-confessed Sinners. 



US Narrative Feature Film - (88 mins)  -   Sunday Oct. 15, 3:30pm -  Theater #1

Directed by: Canyon DiMare 


When Canyon discovers a mysterious cloning device in the desert, he activates it, cloning himself and uncovering the secrets and dangers that are brought with it. 


Slip Away

US Narrative Feature Film - (90 mins)  -  Sunday Oct. 15, 5:30pm-  Theater #2

Directed by: Julia Butler, Daniel Mentz


Neglected by her family, Fall, an eclectic elder with good intentions but extreme measures, finds little companionship in our hyper-busy world. When she comes across Adam, a young street musician selling his keyboard, she buys it on a whim under the pretense of wanting to learn piano. Suspicious and wary, Adam agrees to teach her and quickly finds himself captured in an unsteady home with one feisty lady. 

SOS_ The Salton Sea Walk Poster.jpg



“LOVE: The Complicated Side” - SHORT FLM BLOCK (82)  

Friday 10/13 @ 12:15pm Theater #2

Whirlpool (UK) - (16:45) - Directed by Kate Baxter and Elizabeth Dixon 

After Marco Polo - (10:25) - Directed by Qingge Gao  

I See a Woman (UAE) - partial subtitles - (10:00) - Directed by Laura Saab 

Blue Ribbon Special - (7:32) - Directed by Keith Barber

The Impossible Joy - (28:31) - Directed by Karl Richter 

 HARD TIMES: Love, Life and Parenthood” - SHORT BLOCK (95)

Friday 10/13 @ 12:45pm Theater #3

Mrs. Drake - (14:58) - Directed by Caitlin FitzGerald

Wash (China) - subtitles - (15:00) . Directed by Zhichun Huang

Deadbeat - (13:48) - Directed by Jesse R. Tendler

Sanvean - (15:41) - Directed by Elizabeth Yoder

Every Tuesday - (7:00) - Directed by Lisa Belcher

Visitors (University Film) - (15:25) - Directed by Alon Juwai 

THE FALLOUT: Times of War and Terror” – SHORT FILM BLOCK (88)

Friday 10/13 @ 2:45pm Theater #1

I Got You Babe - (26:49) - Directed by Ashton Avila

September Skies - (25:00) - Directed by Steven Taylor

Frenchman's Flat - (12:19) - Directed by Jonathon James Williams

Flesh and Blood (Israel) - (23:00) - Directed by Tamar Ben Chaim 


Friday 10/13 @ 3:00pm Theater #3

Filling In - (22:00) - Directed by Bradley Hawkins

Hedda Needs Help - (14:22) - Directed by Lisa Baron

Uncle Oscar (PILOT) - (21:00) - Directed by Zack Abramowitz

I have to Kill my Professor (University Film) - (10:20) - Directed by Jonathan Pickett

The Blind Center - (15:00) - Directed by Timothy Cruz

Curtains - (24:30) - Directed by Gar Hoover   

LOVE: The Light Side” – SHORT FILM BLOCK (89)  

Friday 10/13@ 5:30pm Theater #3

For Isabelle (Australia, Youth Film) - (3:00) - Directed by Tilly Hobkirk

Cat - (12:26) - Directed by Tural Manafov

Candice and Peter's Smokin' Hot Date - (7:45) - Directed by Leanne Melissa Bishop

Love Potion (Canada, Youth Film) - (7:33) - Directed by Ethan Eng

She Walked In - (5:36) - Directed by Troy Price and Andrew Scott

A Series of Unfortunate Dates - (7:43) - Directed by Aleix Massot

Mismatch and Lighter (Canada) - (16:43) - Directed by Mark Datuin

Swiped - (3:07) - Directed by Joseph Kahn

Rattled (UAE) .subtitles - (10:00) - Directed by Jaafar Almadhoon

ALZHAÏMOUR (Belgium) - subtitles - (14:36) - Directed by Pierre Van De Kerchove 

“OTHER TIMES: The Past, the Future and Other Times” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (91)

Friday 10/13 @ 7:45pm Theater #3

Lauren Higbie - (8:03) - Directed by Andrea Bensussen

Separated (Denmark) - subtitles - (17:58) - Directed by Danny Thykaer

Collide - (12:01) - Directed by Grant Johnson

XX (University Film) - (9:06) - Directed by Sadie Hopkins

Real Artists - (12:00) - Directed by Cameo Wood

Blasted - (8:02) - Directed by Christian Klein

Dark Dignity - (22:57) - Directed by Rae Damon 

“CREEPY TALES: @ Happy Friday the 13th” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (95)

Friday 10/13 @ 8:45pm Theater #1

Sparkleville - (17:14) - Directed by Fritz Robinson

Legerdemain - (20:51) - Directed by Rob Underhill

Black Communion (University Film) - (14:30) - Directed by Edward Hustleby

Sleeptalker (Youth Film) - (9:30) - Directed by Jillian and Jess Lebling

The Lesson - (16:54) - Directed by Lindsey Cruz

Daughter of the Lake - (15:00) - Directed by Ozlem Altingoz  


LOST: Finding the Way” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (90)

Saturday 10/14@ 10:45am Theater #1

Youth - (12:27) - Directed by Benjamin Kremer & Philipp Zahn

Valerie (Youth Film) - (18:19) - Directed by Peter Grema

HashtagWill (Sweden) - (21:58) - Directed by Per Sundstrom

Searching - (3:20) - Directed by Albert Fry, Jr.

Death, Sammie Baker and a Loaded 0.38 - (12:41) - Directed by Michael Pitts

Mirror (Youth Film) - (3:00) - Directed by Sara Eustaquio

Thumbs Up (Youth Film) - (2:15) - Directed by Johnny Chiu

Before Christmas (China University Film) - (14:57) -Directed by He Chuyao 

“Music Video / Animation / Experimental” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (66)

Saturday 10/14@ 11:00am Theater #3

Saturday 10/14@7:30pm Theater #1

Back Into The Dark - (4:13) - Directed by David Rosen

The Dark Kingdom (France) - (6:17) - Directed by Sarah Brau-Mouret

Wait Wait Wait - (2:17) - (Experimental) - Directed by Emma Penaz Eisner

Cherry Glazerr - Told You I'd Be With The Guys - (4:35) - Directed by Riley Blakeway

Linda (Brazil) - (4:01) - Directed by Leandro Corinto

Palpitations of Dust - (7:05) - Directed by Ann Huang

Cinderella - (3:05) - Directed by Sophia Banks

Revelation - The City of Haze - Animation (China) - (14:00) - Directed by Lu Sun

All About You - (3:20) - Directed by Allison Beda

Delightful - (4:44) - Directed by Katie Garibaldi

One Woman Show - (5:29) - Directed by Ariella Segal

STARCASTIC / "Break All The Rules" - (5:02) - Directed by Rudy Matchinga 

CONFUSING TIMES: Controversies, Dysfunctions, Political Satire” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (96)

SAT. 10/14 @ 11:00am Theater #1

Waffles - (4:31) - Directed by Foster Wilson

Gonna be a Soldier - (6:09) -  Directed by Jon Lewis

Lock-Down - (8:59) - Directed by Bob Reynolds

Vida Muertos - (17:00) - Directed by Thomas Castillo

Huevos Rancheros - (11:35) - Directed by Brian C. Miller

Survivor - (13:33) - Directed by LaJuan Johnson

All my brothers - (8:00) - Directed by Alexander Helisek

Disciple (B & W) - (5:52) - Directed by Bob Reynolds

Go Away Gary - (18:33) - Directed by Daniel McMillan 


Saturday 10/14 @ 12:45pm Theater #2

Reunion - (3:52) - Directed by Vivian Nesbitt

Bad Sheriff (German) - subtitles - (14:30) - Directed by Ben Bernschneider

Raconteur - (5:49) - Directed by Victoria Remus                             

The Hit - (16:43) - Bryan Lee

Of Sound Mind - (22:00) - Directed by Brian Lee Brown

Glass Ceiling - (12:12) - Directed by Ryan Weaver

Lovers - (9:34) - Directed by Nell Teare

String - (11:10) - Directed by Stellan Kendrick

“UPBEAT: The Happy and the Good” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (98)

Saturday 10/14 @ 1:00pm Theater #1

Self-Made Man / Rainbow-Sunshine Woman - (5:30) - Directed by Carol Pendergrass Caster

Shake It Off - (23:31) - Directed by Kristi Vetica

Picnic Perfect (Youth Film) - (6:09) - Directed by Cal Thacher

The Adventures of Lucy (University Film) - (15:00) . Directed by Teddy Valentovich

Yes, We're Open - (14:09) - Directed by Yousef Kazemi

The Optimist - Youth film - (33:00) - Directed by Ethan Meszaros

CHOICES: Right vs. Wrong” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (98)

Saturday 10/14 @ 3:15pm Theater #3

AnonMan - (15:24) - Directed by Jonathan Heatt

The Shift - (20:42) - Directed by Brock Heasley

Hide the Elephant (University Film) - (15:00) - Directed by Dylan James

Ivan (Portugal) - subtitles - (16:23) - Directed by Bernardo Lopes

Adrift - (10:35) - Directed by John Rushing

Push - (9:25) - Directed by Carsten Kurpanek

The Choice (UAE) - (10:00) - Directed by Eman Talal Alsayed  

“LOVE: The Cheating Side” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (84)

Saturday 10/14 @ 3:30pm Theater #1

Girl Code - (9:45) - Directed by Casey Gates

Girl Meets Roach - (17:00) - Directed by Alison Zatta

Voicemail - (5:15) - Directed by Arthur Castellano

Feelings - (17:42) - Directed by Sali Samouh

Alibi - (33:00) - Directed by Cameron Burnett  



Environmental: Short Documentaries” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (56)

Sunday 10/15@ 11:00am Theater #1

Fire and Water - Restoring Arizona's Forests - (26:40) - Directed by Ron Harrison

Joshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland - (14:00) - Directed by Bill Wisneski

People of the Forrest: Orange Rimba - (14:12) - Directed by Isaac Kerlow 

“Extreme Sports Short Documentaries” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (51)

Sunday 10/15@ 11:15am Theater #2

Lifted: A Ski Film for the Rest of Us - (30:00) - Directed Oly Mingo

Chinal Doll (Extreme Sports) - (19:51) - Directed by Jon Glassberg 

Difficult Times: Adult Content” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (96)

Sunday 10/15@ 12:45pm Theater #3

The Minimalist - (37:12) - Directed by Carlos Funes

Final Stop - (22:00) - Directed by Bobby B. Grubic

Walk with the Devil - (16:11) - Directed by Alison Hall

Soldier Bee - (20:00) - Directed by Alex Hardy 

 “Finding the Way” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (97)

Sunday 10/15@ 1:15pm Theater #2

Falling South - (39:00) - Directed Lorraine Portman

The Towns We Lived in (Australia) - (28:18) - Directed by Robbie Fatt

The Impossible Joy - (28:31) - Directed by Karl Richter  

Nevada Events - Short Documentaries” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (58)

Sunday 10/15@ 2:00pm Theater #1

When Fools Roll - (31:00) - Direced by John Polnik

Welcome to Desert Storm: The Poker Run - (26:32) - Directed by Jamon Holmes

“Life's Works: Ancestry, Achievements and Life Tales” - SHORT FILM BLOCK (77)

Sunday 10/15@ 5:00pm Theater #3

Behind the Woods and Across the Sea - (20:00) - Directed by Douglas Phillips

The World of Dennis Patton - (17:29) Directed by S. Kramer Herzog

Hartom (UAE) - (10:39) - Directed by Arkus

Sleep With Me - (8:28) - Directed by Summre Garber

Will Strip for Change (Adult Content) - (19:23) - Directed by Travis Mauck