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Opening Night October 12th              Friday October 13th                    Saturday October 14th                    Sunday October 15th

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Film Screenings at

Laughlin Stadium 9 Cinemas

Laughlin Stadium 9 Cinemas
(702) 299-4293
1955 S. Casino Dr. - Rear of Mall
Laughlin, Nevada 89029

Laughlin Stadium 9 Cinemas are located in the rear of the Laughlin Outlet Center (mall):

Laughlin Outlet Center
1955 S. Casino Dr.
Laughlin, Nevada 89029




Simple sheet Schedule

Simple sheet Schedule






The 5th Annual Laughlin International Film Festival proudly announces over 100 Official Selections for screening this October 13-16 at the Laughlin Stadium 9 Cinemas in the heart of Laughlin, Nevada! We're very excited to announce 4 days of great Independent Films scheduled, along with fun social networking events, workshops and panels at LIFF 2016. Please see our 2016 Official Film Schedule below for viewing in multiple formats.

LIFF will be hosting Filmmaker Q&A Sessions for some Feature and Short Film blocks, depending on if Filmmakers are in attendance at LIFF. Individual Tickets for Film screenings are only available for purchase at the LIFF Sales booth in front of the Laughlin Stadium 9 Cinemas. All-Festival or All-Day screening passes are available now at the LIFF STORE, as well as All-Access Festival passes and special event tickets.

The Laughlin International Film Festival (LIFF) creates an exciting, professional and prestigious event that operates as an annual platform for U.S. and International filmmakers to showcase their films, network with fellow filmmakers and enjoy the casinos and attractions of Laughlin, Nevada. Films are screened in state-of-the-art digital theaters in the heart of Laughlin over four days with Filmmakers attending from all over. Our Team has been working very hard to put together a strong and unique film program that we feel will appeal to both film enthusiasts and local residents/visitors alike. We are proud to provide the local tri-state communities with 4-days of fantastic Independent Cinema not normally offered in the area. Our goal at LIFF is to provide you with everything you need to showcase your hard work on the big screen, inviting family, friends and other creative minds to join you in what will be a very fun and memorable weekend.

"Dead Bullet" - LIFF Opening Night Film

Thursday, October 12 - Laughlin Stadium 9

REd Carpet 6:30pm / Screening 7:30pm

REd Carpet 6:30pm / Screening 7:30pm

Thursday Oct. 12, 6:30pm Red Carpet Arrivals / 7:30pm Screening w/ Q&A -  Theater #2

Saturday Oct. 14,  9:30pm -  Theater #2 (no filmmaker Q&A)                                                                   Sunday Oct. 15,   6:45pm- Theater #2 (no filmmaker Q&A)

Directed by: Erik Reese     

U.S. Narrative Feature Film (89mins.) - Genre: Action/Thriller/Crime

A destitute gambler doubles down in a game of love and violence when he attempts to buy back a second chance with a past lover by selling stolen casino chips to ruthless criminals. However, the stakes raise quickly and the gambler soon discovers he has just made the worst bet of his life. 

Opening Night 10/12 Party - 10:00pm Trellis bar

Feature Film Synopsis


Dirty Beautiful

US Feature Film -  (95 mins)  -  Friday Oct. 14, 11:00am-  Theater #1

Directed by: Tim Bartell

In a comically nightmarish mash-up of opposites attracting, a struggling writer brings a shiftless young beauty into his L.A. apartment, where her bad habits crash head-on with his orderly life. Just as they're about to completely destroy each other, fate throws them an unexpected curve.


American Bred

US Feature Film -  (109 mins)  -  Friday Oct. 14, 11:00am-  Theater #3

Directed by: Justin Chambers  -     Saturday Oct 15, 8:45pm - Theater #3 (no filmmaker Q & A) 

In present day Detroit, where the influence of organized crime has diminished,  one of the lasting crime syndicates begins to unravel when lies, mystery and betrayal devour the trust which held them together. 



US Feature Film - (77 mins) - Friday Oct. 14, 1:15pm - Theater #3

Directed by: LaJuan Johnson

"Songs",  an experience.  The ultimate love story between man andwoman during a relationship.



US Feature Film -  (90 mins)  -  Friday Oct. 14, 2:30pm-  Theater #2

Directed by:  Jake Lloyd


When two strangers are brought together by the chance to own a rare and valuable sports collectible, they're tasked with stepping out of their comfort zones and onto a baseball field.


The Last Beautiful Girl

US Feature Film-  (87 mins)  -  Friday Oct. 14, 3:15pm-  Theater #3

Directed by: James Christopher

Jason falls in love with Jules.  And he falls hard. But when things start to fall apart, Jason finds letting go to be easier said than done. 


A Standing Still

US Feature Film-  (80 mins)  -  Friday Oct. 14, 5:15pm-  Theater #1

Directed by: Scott Ballard

A STANDING STILL revolves around a young recluse, Allison who struggles with the future in the midst of loss and displacement. When a family emergency calls her away from her job as a fire lookout in the Willamette National Forest early, she is forced to face her present and the past that has led her there.


6 Love Stories

US Feature Film-  (76 mins)           -  Friday Oct. 14, 5:30pm-  Theater #3

Directed by: Michael Dunaway       - Saturday Oct. 15, 9:00pm - Theater #1 (no filmmaker Q&A)

Over the course of one afternoon, in six different parts of LA, six couples connect, reconnect, or fall apart. "Love Actually" meets "Magnolia".


Last Call at Murray's

US Feature Film -  (105 mins)  -   Friday Oct. 16, 7:00pm-  Theater #2

Directed by:  Linda Palmer

A blizzard traps 13 dysfunctional people in amountain karaoke bar and their lives are forever changed by the time the snowplows arrive in the morning.


Life Heist

US Feature Film-  (72 mins)  -  Friday Oct. 14, 7:15pm-  Theater #1

Directed by: James Moore

In Manchester, Vermont, security is minimal...real minimal. Folks don't even lock their doors when they go on vacation. When two Manchester high schoolers John and Alex learn that a loved one has a rare kind of cancer, not covered by insurance, they take advantage of Manchester's minimal security by robbing the local bank. A story of desperation, passion, and redemption.  (Note:  this film was written and directed by an 18-yr old first-time filmmaker). 



US Feature Film - (96 mins) - Fri. Oct. 14, 9:30pm - Theater #2

Directed by: Victor Warren

Love, sacrifice and sexual slavery rip apart two friends as their morality is tested in a virus ravaged Los Angeles.


Exit Thread

 International Feature Film (Canada) -  (86 mins)  -  Friday Oct. 14, 9:45pm-  Theater #3

Directed by: Paul Kimball

Tom is a small-town pastor who struggles with a continuing attraction to Abby, a former lover, even as he falls hard for Laura, a college professor and Abby's friend and mentor. Observing all of this at a distance is Rev. Ezekiel Hartt, an elderly clergyman who has returned to town after a long absence with a secret that threatens to destroy them all in this neo-noirish psychological thriller from Canadian filmmaker Paul Kimball.



Saturday 11:00am - Theater #1

Taking the Stand:  We Have More to Say (Austria) - (30 mins)   

Directed by: Bernard Ramerstoffer

When hatred, prejudice, and bullying threaten, whose voices will we turn to?  The voices of the survivors must never be silenced even if they are no longer among us. 

Nine Holocaust survivors and victims of Nazi tyranny [Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, Sinti, and a political prisoner] from 5 different countries (Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, USA) have 'taken the stand' to give their testimony as a legacy for future generations.

NOMA: Forgiving Apartheid (UK) - (40 mins)

Directed by:  Sarah Townsend

During the 1970's, the apartheid regime in South Africa was at its height. Seven-year-old Noma Dumezweni only knew a life on the run from the police until one day, her mother chose to leave Noma's father and his life of activism for refuge in the UK. Fast-forward to 2014, Noma, now an award winning stage actress in London has been offered the role of a lifetime portraying a legendary South African psychologist famous for her interviews with convicted apartheid-fueled mass murderer Eugene De Kock.  



US Feature Film- (88 mins)  -  Saturday Oct. 15, 11:30 am-  Theater #3

Directed by: Yusaku Mizoguchi

Revenge proves a catalyst for Sam, a young woman out to avenge the murder of her parents. Things turn dicey when Sam learns her true identity and her unlikely link to the man she's targeted for death...


The Dutchman

US Feature Film - (80 mins)  -   Saturday Oct. 15, 1:45pm - Theater #3

Directed by: Jeff Kimble

When a billionaire's son inexplicably drops out of college and goes in search of The Lost Dutchman's gold, his family sends a private investigator to find him.


The Answer

International Feature Film (India) -  (108 mins)  -  Saturday Oct. 15, 2:30pm -  Theater #1

Directed by: Pavan Kaul

THE ANSWER is a true story of JAMES DONALD WALTERS who forsakes the worldly life to enter upon an amazing spiritual journey of self realisation. His quest for truth led him at age 22 to meet and live with the great Avatar PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA author of International best seller and spiritual classic AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI, in the news recently for being Steve Jobs' inspiration and parting gift to his friends before his demise.



US Feature Film - (92 mins)  -  Saturday Oct. 15, 4:30pm -  Theater #2

Directed by: Marcus Mizelle

A buddy comedy set in a struggling fitness club where mayhem ensues when a new owner arrives with the grand scheme to save the gym by turning it into a reality show.


Cold Moon

US Feature Film - (88 mins)  -  Saturday Oct. 15, 5:00pm -  Theater #1

Directed by: Griff Furst

In a sleepy southern town, the Larkin family suffers a terrible tragedy. Now the Larkins are about to endure another:  Traffic lights blink an eerie warning, a ghostly visage prowls in the streets, and graves erupt from the local cemetery in an implacable march of terror . . . And beneath the murky surface of the river, a shifting, almost human shape slowly takes form to seek a terrible vengeance . . .


Good Grief

US Feature Film - (103 mins)  -  Saturday Oct. 15, 6:15pm -  Theater #3

Directed by: Brandon Green

Eight estranged childhood friends reunite in their hometown to say good-bye to the one thing that barely held them together. Inspired by one of the worlds most beloved comics.



International Feature Film (Hong Kong) - (80 mins)  -  Saturday Oct. 15, 7:00pm -  Theater #1

Directed by: Dax Phelan

A year after his wife's murder, once-successful Hong Kong businessman Leonard To (Jason Tobin) is still reeling from the tragedy. Having lost his job, friends and all sense of order in his life, Leonard becomes obsessed with a mysterious stranger he sees at his wife's grave, believing him to be responsible for her death.



The Moving Theater

International Documentary Film (UK) - (50 mins)  -  Sunday Oct. 16, 11:30am -  Theater #3

Directed by: Ben Mallaby, Pia Jones, Eugene Hughes

In The Moving Theatre four people bring to life four very different migrant journeys. Through their own creativity, the four storytellers find a way to communicate the most moving moments of their lives. And in the process find peace with their experience. 

To Topple and Empire

US Feature Film-  (83 mins)  -  Sunday Oct. 16, 11:45am -  Theater #2

Directed by: Curtis Melroe

Teenager Aidan Clarke sits across from Mob Boss Vincent Donnelly and tells him stories of how he alone has taken out key members of Donnelly's organized crime family. As the stories are told through flashbacks, it is obvious that Aidan did not do it alone and it was all done in the name of family and revenge.


Shattered Families: The Collapse of America's Mental Health System  

US Documentary Feature Film- (49 mins)  -  Sunday Oct. 16, 12:00pm-  Theater #1

Directed by: Stephen Seager

"Shattered Families"  is an attempts to change America's national mental health disaster. In 1959 there were 350,000 Americans with serious mental illness all getting treatment in hospitals. The word "homeless mentally ill" didn't exist. No mentally ill persons were in jail or prison. Move forward to the 21st century. In America today there are 350,000 sick persons rotting on our urban streets. 1.2 million mentally sick people languish in our jails and prisons. "Shattered Families" tells the story of our national mental health system nightmare through the eyes of the families that have been devastated by our national failings.


Navajo Math Circles

US Documentary Feature Film- (58 mins)  -   Sunday Oct. 16, 1:00pm -  Theater #3

Directed by: George Csicsery

Navajo students engage in a lively collaboration with mathematicians. Using concepts from Native culture and a unique student-centered approach, the project aims to spark interest in math and science and create greater educational opportunities.

Not Black Enough

US Documentary Feature Film- (82 mins)  -   Sunday Oct. 16, 1:30pm -  Theater #1

Directed by: Tracey Anarella

"Not Black Enough" is a film about class warfare and the cross-tides that African-Americans are dealing with within the black community.  The film takes a sometimes humorous, always personal, brutally honest and insightful look into a seldom-explored phenomenon that is pervasive in the black culture- The ostracizing of blacks for being Not Black Enough.  "Not Black Enough" will explore the reasons behind this practice of fear and loathing internal to the black community.


Desert Maverick

US Documentary Feature Film   - (78 mins)  -   Sunday Oct. 16, 2:00pm -  Theater #2

 Directed by: Leo Zahn

"Desert Maverick: The Singular Architecture of William F. Cody", is the first in-depth exploration of the works of this major Palm Springs modernist architect. It captures Cody's singular style and brings it to life through contemporary cinematography as well as Julius Shulman's classic photography, alongside interviews with Alan Hess, Adele Cygelman, Sidney Williams, Ron Marshall, Peter Moruzzi, Frank Urrutia, Rick Holden. The documentary features Cody's most iconic buildings, starting with the 1947 Del Marcos Hotel, which launched his career in the desert and focuses on his best-known residential and commercial projects built between the late '40s and early '70s. 

The Last Tear

International Documentary Feature Film (Korea) - (53 mins)  -   Sunday Oct. 16, 3:30pm -  Theater #1

Directed by: Christopher H.K. Lee

Violence against women has accompanied almost every large-scale conflict, yet most of its victims are silenced. One such sad episode is that of the "comfort women" or more accurately, the estimated 200,000 women who were recruited to sexually serve the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. As part of this immense system, many young women from all over Japan's occupied territories in Asia were forced into service where they faced rape, torture and extreme violence at military camps, euphemistically termed "comfort station"s. Our film's purpose is to share the emotions of the past and to connect our generations in a more personal and humanistic way. Through understanding the faults of the past, we allow them to never be erased, and prevent them from happening again.

Crime and Punishment

International Feature Film (Australia)   - (110 mins)  -   Sunday Oct. 16, 4:00pm -  Theater #2

Directed by: Andrew O'Keefe

When reason fails, the devil helps.


At Dusk

University Feature Film - (90 mins)  -   Sunday Oct. 16, 5:00pm -  Theater #3

Directed by: Vinny Viti

Camcorder footage depicting the mysterious grizzly murder of two hikers propels an aspiring female reporter alongside a rogue cop to unravel the conspiracy behind a corrupt mining town. 


Grado Mission

International Documentary Film (Italy)  - (84 mins)  -   Sunday Oct. 16, 5:15pm -  Theater #1

 (English Subtitles)

Directed by: Carlo Christian Spano

"Grado Mission" (Missione Grado) chronicles military activities carried out by the Italian contingent in Herat and Bala Morghab, Afghanistan. The title of the movie is taken from a secret code assigned to a group of journalists, a name pronounced by a sergeant of the "San Marco" Battalion who is the protagonist of the first chapter. As seen through the sergeant eyes, we learn about the feelings that will lead him on to his return and to becoming an enlightened person.





Friday 10/13 @ 1:00pm Theater #1

Downward Hiro (21:33) – Directed by Bry Sanders

Burned (17:00) – Directed by Jaime Valdueza

A Way of Life (24:24) – Directed by Viraj Nayar

Father of Jayla (24:00) – Directed by Yusuf Khan



Friday 10/13 @ 3:00pm Theater #1

Jordan Almonds (7:40) – Directed by Lorraine Portman

The Road Between (19:45) – Directed by Brett Sorem

Sleeping Beauty (7:03) (Canada) – Directed by Sarah Gignac

Postpartum (10:01) (Saudi Arabia) – Directed by Nancy Paton

Dog (19:23) (Canada)– Directed by Nicolas Legendre

Pale Blue (17:43) – Directed by Alex Burunova



Friday 10/13 @ 4:45pm Theater #2

The Virgin Tour (8:30) – Directed by Eric Ambrosino

Arrivederci Rosa (UK) (17:23) – Directed by Flaminia Graziadei

Passports (19:13) – Directed by Jeremy Pion-Berlin and Adam Linkenhelt

Ten Count (8:21) – Directed by Rebecca George

Once in a Blue Moon (12:23) – Directed by Rudy Matchinga

Lonely Planet (24:35) – Directed by Alex Burunova



Friday 10/13 @ 7:30pm Theater #3

Hook Man (14:59) – Directed by Kevin Ignatius

Garbuge (9:09) – Directed by Jasmine Osean Thomas

Dreamcatcher (16:15) – Directed by Gabriel De Santi

The Fare (6:18) – Directed by Jamon Holmes

Drain-O-Way (34:45) – Directed by Steve Gordon



Friday 10/13@ 9:00pm Theater #1

Bunkmates (22:17) – Directed by Joe Wakefield

The Reckoning (13:39) - Directed by Troy Ruff

Where I belong (15:58) – Directed by Brian Lee

Squares (12:45) – Directed by Bernard Kordieh

Normal (17:00) – Directed by Vadim Lasca



Saturday 10/14@ 12:30pm Theater #2

Shoot in Any Direction and You’ll Hit a Bastard (13:19) – Directed by Brahm Taylor

Stuck (14:00) – Directed by Brian Brown

Flight Fright (7:22) – Directed by Jim Politano

Brown Bag (10:29) – Directed by Kris West

Hard Broads (10:00) – Directed by Mindy Bledsoe

Homeschool Reunion (12:11) – Directed by Matt Ritchey

The Tenor (11:41) – Directed by Damon Crump



Saturday 10/14@ 2:30pm Theater #2

Cleaning (7:41) – Directed by Gil Ben-Harosh

In The Blink (4:55) – Directed by Damien Patrik

Uncle Max (26:19) – Directed by Albert Fry Jr.

Last Call Lenny (12:30) – Directed by Jamie Thalman

The Backroom (8:00) – Directed by Albert Fry Jr.

A Grape Family Adventure (6:25) (Australia) – Directed by Marcello Fabrizi

Lonely Planet (24:35) – Directed by Alex Burunova



SAT. 10/14 @ 4:00pm Theater #3

The Usual Silence (4:59) – Directed by Louis Hunter

The Land of Exodus (10:52) – Directed by Skinner Myers

Adrift (22:44) – Directed by Francisco Salazar

JFK’s Last Interview (13:19) – Directed by Bob Reynolds

Oasis (11:00) – Directed by Keith Presswood

Daisy (27:00) (UK) – Directed by Nance Paton



Saturday 10/14 @ 6:45pm Theater #2

Night Life (7:00) – Directed by Eric Ambrosino

Dryland (21:48) – Directed by Liv Prior Colliander

Moving Day (17:58) – Directed by Louis Hunter

Golden Boy (15:08) – Directed by Bobby Pollack

Paynes Prairie (28:26) – Directed by Ross Papitto




Friday 10/14 @ 11:15am Theater #2

Sleep (3:01) – Directed by Mary Aupperle

Rosie (11:34) – Directed by Kimberly Vela

Cold Deceit (6:37) – Directed by Clay Bloodworth

4242 (11:12) (Bulgaria/Portugal) – Directed by Sara Eustaquio

Don’t Get Tagged (6:43) – Directed by Jermiah Victor

Conceal (13:02) – Directed by Sarah Ko

Mirage (15:00) – Directed by Harley Chamandy


Sunday 10/14 @ 2:45pm Theater #3

Frankenstein’s Light (14:14) – Directed by Mohammad Nawab

Para Ellos (For Them) (23:25) – Directed by Christian Contreras and Victoria De La Torre

The Donut (7:47) – Directed by Christopher Dierenfeldt

Sanctity (17:04) – Directed by Eric Marshall

Shen (22:00) – Directed by Jace Alexander Casey



Friday 10/14@ 12:45pm Theater #2

High Signs (12:34) – Directed by Damien Patrik

The Graduate (5:39) – Directed by John Polnik

Word Sculpture (4:58) – Directed by Tonda Ros

Overwhelmingly OK: The Art and music of Joey Hines (8:33) – Directed by Zachary Honea

The Glasnost Shuffle (2:16) – Directed by Mick Cusimano

142 Miles From Monday (9:04) – Directed by Alex Witkowicz

3 Words For Paris (3:52) – Directed by Cokau Lab

Beautiful Lies (10:00) – Directed by Tracey Anarella


Saturday 10/14@ 11:00am Theater #1

Taking The Stand: We Have More to Say (29:59) (Austria) – Directed by Bernhard Rammerstorfer

NOMA: Forgiving Apartheid (40:00) (UK) – Directed by Sarah Townsend



Saturday 10/14 @ 11:00am Theater #2

Word Sculpture (4:58) – Directed by Tonda Ros

3 Words For Paris (3:52) – Directed by Cokau Lab

There Goes Shlomo (4:30) (MV)  – Directed by Ben Phillippo

Can’t You See Me (8:29) – Directed by Jerry White Jr.

Epic Fail – Dr. Gypsy (4:56) (MV)  – Directed by Kent Evans

Mando Mercs Five-O Clan Celebration (2:09) – Directed by John “Keoni” Maemori

After The Storm (6:45) – Directed by Felix Tobin

Starcastic ‘Bad Bad Son’ (4:39) (MV)  – Directed by Kenneth Guertin

The Glasnost Shuffle (2:16)  – Directed by Mick Cusimano

#DOPE (4:00) (MV) – Directed by Brian Brown

Gold (3:30) (MV) – Directed by Vincent Carubia

Tim Rose - Sirens (4:24) (MV) Directed by Jason Sikorsky / Blackout


Saturday 10/14 @ 12:45pm Theater #1

Dirty Talk (9:00) – Directed by John Mark Loudermilk

Dogs & Me: Season 2 – Eps. #4 & 5 (7:43) – Directed by Matt Rocklin

Donnie Baker’s World (13:30) – Directed by Jay Kanzler

BRO P.I. – Case #3 (11:00) – Directed by Adam Shawesh

Ball and Chain, The Series – Episode 8: “Dear Mike” (16:12) – Directed by Douglas Harms

Becky & Kate: Works In Progress (10:26) – Directed by Kelly Ann Ford, Amy Heidish & Richard Tatum

Carbon Dating: Episode 1: The Art of Meeting Men – Terpsichore – The Muse of Dance – (6:57) – Directed by Amanda Serra & Linda Palmer